Miss Violetta Beauregarde

Founded on the principles that everything is already so messed up that messing it up a little bit more can only make it better ­– and you don't need a band to do it  – Miss Violetta Beauregarde is here to make everything totally messed up, and by that we mean she'll make it all right again. From her home in Italy, Miss Violetta carefully constructs a series of loops, beats and effects that carry her rhythm-heavy songs just long enough to be torn apart by her charismatic, addictive vocal shredding. With an average song length of about 90 seconds, she is impossible to overlook, and even harder to get out of your head. Like waking up naked on a deserted island with no recollection of how you got there or why you care about going home, this kind of trouble has never felt better. Oh, and PS: "Photoshop will save us all."