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By The End Of Tonight

Complex Full of Phantoms

In the two years since the release of their debut album, A Tribute To Tigers, By the End of Tonight have toured almost non-stop, playing every rock club, living room (or even barn) that would have them. Their relentlessness has paid off, as evidenced by their half of this split album with good friends and like-minded power jammers Tera Melos. Not to be outdone, Sacramento's Tera Melos have also been on the road more than they've been home this year, touring with the likes of Fall of Troy and Horse the Band. Their frantic, absurdly complex songs are the perfect compliment to By the End of Tonight's darker, more sinister instrumental metal. The combination makes this by far the strongest release to date from either band. TRACK LISTING 1. BY THE END OF TONIGHT: Delaware Is Depressing 2. BY THE END OF TONIGHT: Philthy Collins 3. BY THE END OF TONIGHT: Jelous of a Ghost 4. BY THE END OF TONIGHT: Cold Hands 5. BY THE END OF TONIGHT: Ghost Boat 6. BY THE END OF TONIGHT: Elvis Never Didn't Die 7. TERA MELOS: 555-9676 8. TERA MELOS: Party With Tina 9. TERA MELOS: When Worms Learn To Fly 10. TERA MELOS: Melody 9 11. TERA MELOS: Last Smile For Jaron

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