Cicadidae - Temporary Residence Ltd

Kammerflimmer Kollekteif


Combining brass and string instruments, electronics, drums, percussion and keyboards, the third full-length from Germany's Kammerflimmer Kollektief sees them communicating with each other in the spaces between control and loss of control, intuition and reflection, density and transparency. The childlike brilliance of their melodies renders you weightless, with an occasional thumping pulse to keep you from losing your balance. Formerly drawing comparisons to To Rococo Rot, Amon Duul II and Third Eye Foundation for their cold, dark anthems, Cicadidae finds more in common with the lighter side of the German underground, specifically the mates of The Notwist, Styrofoam, the Morr Music roster and Icelandic darlings, Mum. Cicadidae offers Kammerflimmer Kollektief the chance to not only grab those that have followed all along, but also the folks that have wanted to love them all along, but couldn't shake the feeling of being pushed away. Where before there was a push, now there is an irresistible pull. TRACK LISTING 1. Neumond Inselhin 2. Sie Tranken Regen 3. Uber Die Wasserscheide 4. Blood 5. ...Denn Nacht Ist Jetzt Schon Bald! 6. Sie Tranken Regen (Version) 7. Mantra 8. Eiderdaunen (Gerupft) 9. Irgendwann: Fruhling 10: "There's A Weight On You, But You Can't Feel It."

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