Incommunicado - Temporary Residence Ltd

Kammerflimmer Kollekteif


With the domestic release of Kammerflimmer Kollektief's debut album, Mäander, still fresh in people's heads and stereos, we waste no time in bringing you the startling follow-up, Incommunicado. Now weighing in as a sextet, the Kollektief pokes its head out of the bedroom and into the living room with a totally live, genuinely inspired organic experience. Kollektief mastermind Thomas Weber gave his band mates copies of Mäander and had them study the song structures and tones and attempt to reinterpret them using guitar, strings, upright bass and drums. The performances are entirely improvised. No electronics were used (except for that pesky synthesizer), no edits were made and no overdubs were done. The result is a lush, breathtaking collaboration of jazz, orchestral and avant rock. TRACK LISTING 1. Nachtwach [Version] 2. Gras [Version] 3. Rand [Version] 4. Venti Latir 5. Kissen 6. Holler

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