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Miss Violetta Beauregarde

Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo


Self-produced and brimming with the kind of speaker-rattling bass that's best appreciated in three-wheel motion, Miss Violetta Beauregarde's second album, Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo (a famous Latin phrase meaning "I hate the common crowd and I spurn them") is an abstract force to behold. Constructed from fractured electronics, earth-shaking rhythms and throat-ripping screams, each song is a self-contained temper tantrum. And if you think this is damaged, you should see her bruised limbs after one of her infamous live shows. Never before has someone had so much fun being so pissed off. We affectionately refer to this as grind-hop: half Volkswagen Thing, half Cadillac Escalade.

1. Flanger When You Die
2. How To Use a Good Idea Till It Turns Into a Bad Idea
3. Adolf Hitler's Emotional Side
4. Max Cance and the Cockring Industry
5. Try To Misunderstand This One
6. I'm Wolverine and You're a Walrus and I'm Kicking Your Ass
7. Albanian on Radar (Laquiete Remix)
8. I'm the Tiennamen Square Guy and You All Are the Fucking Tanks
9. Indie Bad, Gabber Good
10. We Had a Riot Doing Diacetylmorphine feat. Agent Pazz
11. I Can't Believe, Hedgehogs Have a Bone Inside Their Cock
12. The Dirt Between My Feet's Fingers (aka The Reverse Delay Revenge)
13. Amelie Free Youth
14. The Unbearable Lightness of a Farm Tractor
15. Welcome to the Land of Quality Snare
16. The Man Who Shot at the Squirrels (a Tribute to Glenn Benton)

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