This week in Dreams Come True News: Eluvium has collaborated with the lovely and amazing Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo for the soul-stirring final track on the forthcoming new double album, Nightmare Ending. Of the inspired union, Eluvium's Matthew Cooper says: "When I wrote 'Happiness', I knew that vocals would play an important part, but I wasn't sure how to express them myself. Being the last song on the album, would it be a grand statement – or a smaller piece focused on minute details? At some point in time the fantasy of having Ira singing just came to me: "That would be amazing," I thought. I mentioned this off-handedly (and most likely a little jokingly) to Jeremy at Temporary Residence, and he responded by saying something to the effect of "Well...why don't we look into it?" The next thing I knew, Ira was responding with words of affection about the music and then sending me recordings that he and James (McNew, also in Yo La Tengo) had made. I was astounded at how close to home the words felt; somehow Ira had managed to express this feeling of having courage and finding comfort in a way I would have never imagined."

Hear "Happiness" and Order Nightmare Ending Here:

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