Tangents is a Sydney-based quintet that melds electronic production, experimental rock and free improvisation. This multi-talented ensemble's collective resumé spans decent swaths of recent experimental music history: British electronic music producer Ollie Bown (Icarus, Not Applicable); Adrian Lim-Klumpes (ex-Triosk, 3ofMillions) on piano, Rhodes, vibraphone and marimba; Peter Hollo (FourPlay String Quartet) on cello; and the duo Spartak (free improviser Evan Dorrian and singer/producer Shoeb Ahmad on drums and guitar respectively). Tangents came together in 2010 shortly after Ahmad helped put together a tour of Bown’s UK-based duo Icarus. The first-ever meeting of the ensemble, performing live improvisations at the Megaphon studios in Sydney, became their debut album “I” (hellosQuare, 2013). The band followed up with another album-length improvised set recorded by the ABC for their Sound Quality sessions in 2014. Their third album, Stateless, marks a shift into a more studio-based production mode.