A few years ago we released the debut album by an ambitious, extremelty talented family band from Bloomington, Indiana called Dreamers of the Ghetto. They enjoyed the kind of blinding white praise from blogs with comments like "next big thing" and "too good to not get huge." In spite of – or because of (or a little of both) – those accolades, the band dissolved well before the world was able to discover their significant gifts. Now, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Luke Aaron Jones and fellow DOTG alum Marty Sprowles have pared down the widescreen stadium-sized rock of their former band to the more intimate, introspective Hunterchild. Jones' vocals are more arresting than ever, indebted as much to vintage Peter Gabriel, Prince, and Depeche Mode as the rich well of electronic R&B explorations from a similar orbit as James Blake and The Weeknd in their most powerful moments. Hunterchild are comfortable in their own skin in a way that's almost unheard of for debut artists. You can hear the first single, "Aching," from their forthcoming debut album here:

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