One of our all-time favorite bands, the Books, called it quits earlier this year. They left us with four groundbreaking records, and launched an already spectacular solo career for co-founder Nick Zammuto. What most folks don't know is they also left an overflowing treasure trove of unreleased material, both aural and visual. We have collected all of it in an absolutely stunninglimited edition box set! It includes: all four studio albums in their deluxe remastered and repackaged editions, two bonus vinyl albums featuring a mind-bending FORTY-FIVE (45!) rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks! The box also includes a brand new DVD containing every video the band ever made, plus a full-color 56-page picture book. Not enough? We agree! Also included is the super-sweet cassette tape-shaped USB flash drive containing high-quality 320k MP3s of every Books song ever released! A total of nearly 6 hours of music and film, compiled into one of the most beautiful packages we've ever produced. If you ever considered yourself a big Books fan, this is for you. Limited to 1,000 copies, so grab it quick! You won't regret it.

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