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The Anomoanon

Asleep Many Years In The Wood


Returning with his band, The Anomoanon, Ned Oldham has carefully crafted an album ripe with country crooners, slow burning ballads and the occasional raucous back woods jam. Joining the band are brothers Will (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) and Paul Oldham, David Heumann (Arbouretum) and David Michael Curry on viola. Inspired by the birth of Ned's son and daughter, these songs have a communal, heartfelt warmth previously only hinted at throughout The Anomoanon catalog. There's an overwhelming beauty and depth to these songs that is simply heartbreaking; a charming series of stories about the family as told by the family themselves. Recalling a diverse batch of influences ranging from Neil Young to Grateful Dead, Asleep Many Years in the Wood is a sentimental walk through the woods that lets you in on the family secrets, but also lets you in on the family fun.

1. Sixteen Ways
2. Ain't Skeert
3. Bluebird Of Happiness
4. Kick Back
5. Complaint
6. One That Got Away
7. Tongue and Heart
8. Sadie And Rudy
9. Y'Know
10. A Story
11. Asleep Many Years In The Wood

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