Spring - Temporary Residence Ltd

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Appropriately titled Spring, this is the first in a 4-part seasonal series of extremely limited CDs from perhaps the only jam band that both Kid606 and Four Tet will admit to truly loving. Perhaps "jam band" isn't the right term. How about "absurdly eclectic fucked up new-wave-noise-psych-ambient-electro-rock-no-wave... uh, jam band?" Call it what you will, we're just happy to be releasing such monstrous beauty. Released in a strictly limited edition of 300 numbered copies, we recently unearthed a handful of these during an office move. Go grab 'em!

1. Born of Bells Pt. 1
2. Born of Bells Pt. 2
3. The Bleating of Sheared Lambs Pt. 1
4. The Bleating of Sheared Lambs Pt. 2

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