Shortly before his 18th birthday Baltimore, MD native Rjyan Kidwell (aka Cex) discovered a path carved by IDM luminaries such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Autechre. Within a matter of months, equally young and inspired electronic wizard Kid606 befriended Kidwell and subsequently started the now-infamous Tigerbeat6 label to showcase the prolific transformations of Cex and other like-minded artists. Now, four years and as many albums later, Cex sheds his former skin to show the world the grown man that had been buried beneath his own expectations. Layering acoustic guitars, hip-hop beats, dense bass, keys and witty, addictive lyrical flow, Cex was one of the freshest genre-hoppers of the turn of this century. As unlikely as it seems to mix hip-hop party jams, warm IDM glitch, and confessional folk, he has unearthed a lost treasure; a heretofore undiscovered gold mine of brilliant beats, charming stories and clever rhymes.