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Howard Hello

Don't Drink His Blood


With only their perfectly sublime debut album from 2001 to draw reference from, "shock" and "awe" are merely two words that can't begin to describe this follow-up. While we are very careful to not single out one of our children as our favorite, it would be an understatement to say that this is one of the finest albums we have ever released. With each listen our brains all collectively swell trying to come up with the words to adequately explain where this record goes. Written, recorded and produced entirely by Kenseth Thibideau (Pinback, Tarentel, Rumah Sakit) and Marty Anderson (Dilute, Okay), Don't Drink His Blood is a mystical adventure of pop proportions that few have ever reached. More in tune with Kenseth's other band, Pinback than ever before, the mind-blowing combination of sounds and styles is truly unlike anything we've ever heard (help us out if you know of something else that sounds like this, please). Add to that the fact that it carries the contemplative message of being seduced by commercial media, and you have an album that is more important than it leads on, and often too catchy for you to notice. So who is seducing who?

1. Intro
2. Giving Up
3. And As Always, Night Turns Into Day
4. My Friend,
5. The Parasite
6. False Hope
7. Truth
8. Way To Go
9. Ending

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