EP - Temporary Residence Ltd

Howard Hello


EP is four new songs that cover the entire aesthetic spectrum of Howard Hello. Beginning more or less where the 2003 album Don't Drink His Blood left off, the aptly titled "More of the Same" is a sprawling orchestral pop gem. "Interlude" recalls early Howard Hello, when ambient guitar loops and keyboard washes were punctuated by eerie echoes beneath foggy melodies that seemingly float along on mood alone. The biggest surprise comes with the dense, thumping pop of "Follow." Riding the line between Stereolab and Popol Vuh, the track's skidding duel drum attack (courtesy of Hella's Zach Hill) provides the foundation for the hypnotic vocal layers that glide across the entire song. Ending with the Pink Floyd-inspired "Even More of the Same," EP is more than a stop-gap between albums. It's an eyebrow-raising glimpse into the future of Howard Hello. TRACK LISTING 1. More Of The Same 2. Interlude 3. Follow 4. Even More Of The Same

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