Confused - Temporary Residence Ltd




Recorded at the same time as their breathtaking album, Like Tress We Grow Up To Be Satellites, Lazarus offers up this 5-song EP of dark folk and abstract minimalist noise. Packaged in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies, each sleeve has been painstakingly hand-painted by renowned Bay Area artist Jeremiah Maddock – whose work has previously graced album covers from Rumah Sakit, Howard Hello, and others. Every copy is its own unique work of art, hand-numbered in an edition of 300. The songs on this EP are exclusive and are not available anywhere else. Recorded at John Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone studio (St. Vincent, Mountain Goats) and Montgomery's home studio, these tracks offer a perfect glimpse of the strange, eerie beauty that inhabits Lazarus's world.

1. Knocking On Wood
2. Confused
3. Friends/Dharma
4. America Finally
5. Ending Somwehere In The U.S. Desert

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