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Hawk Medicine


Hawk Medicine is the first Lazarus album written and performed as a group, and it shows. The eccentricities of each member shine brightly, with Trevor Montgomery's voice no longer the grounded base, but more of an ominous presence drifting above and below. Produced by the band and engineered in large part by Jason Quever of The Papercuts (of which Montgomery is also a member), Hawk Medicine imagines an alternate world where Bruce Springsteen and Johnny Cash take turns scaring each other with their political ghost stories while driving down a foggy highway at night with the headlights off. In spite of this darkness, Hawk Medicine is undoubtedly the most hopeful Lazarus album yet, and it¹s this precarious balance that also makes it the most mesmerizing.

1. Story
2. Baby True
3. The Sky of the Tall Sun
4. Disco
5. Hawks
6. Breathe
7. Sister
8. Sewest
9. The Manic
10. Forsaken

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