Lumen was formed in San Francisco, CA by several individuals who collectively despised "post-rock." Originally a bedroom project of old bandmates Jeff R. and Jeff K., Lumen evolved to become something larger and stranger. Now residing between LA and Oakland, the four Lumens labor and toil in fits to create their bizarrely anthemic songs. Why bizarre? Imagine a fingerpicked acoustic guitar performing counterpoint with the warmth of an upright bass, all resting atop blankets of organs and accordion. Now place that in the context of Andee from A Minor Forest's punishing polyrhythms. Yet the music ranges towards the land of the metal ballad, or perhaps that one Yes song you would put on a mixtape. Forget the fact that Rosenberg was previously in Tarentel; Lumen pulls from a whole new bag of tricks! They embody melancholia and triumph, conviction and loss, days of yore and future.