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Collecting all of MONO's rare and out-of-print non-album tracks, Gone perfectly (and chronologically) displays their astounding growth, from the modest opening notes of "Finlandia" to the scorched finale of "Little Boy (1945-Future)." These tracks are culled from a series of highly sought-after releases, including the Japanese-only debut Hey, You. EP, their split LP with Pelican, the Cameron Crowe-commissioned Memorie dal Futuro vinyl 10", and The Phoenix Tree, their out-of-print EP for the storied Travels In Constants series. All tracks have been beautifully remastered from their original master tapes, housed in beautiful full-color, custom die-cut packaging.

1. Finlandia
2. Blackwoods
3. Yearning
4. Memorie dal Futuro
5. Due foglie, una candela...
6. Since I've Been Waiting...
7. Gone
8. Black Rain
9. Rainbow
10. Little Boy (1945-Future)

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