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Octopus Off-Broadway


Recorded over a four year period in various home studios, Parlour combines gentle circular guitar chords, warm synthetic washes and confident, downtempo drum beats to create a truly meditative rock experience. With a certain krautrock leaning ala Can and This Heat, Tim Furnish (formerly of Crain, Aerial M and The For Carnation) leads the groove all the way to the edge without falling into monotony. The rhythm section is the dense, tightly wound cord pulling the heavy load along with comfortable ease. The many subtle details of this album take dozens of listens to fully reveal, which is perhaps part of its unexplainable addiction. It all seems pretty simple at first, then the grooves and melodies begin to haunt you. Like a good friend recently told us, "This record is so weird and beautiful, it might just be absolutely brilliant." We couldn't offer a better explanation if we tried.

1. Stipendlax
2. Aflipperput
3. This Time
4. Mperfect
5. Sleeper
6. Weeds That Grow Into Trees
7. The Living Beginning

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