Tara Jane O’Neil and Cynthia Nelson became acquainted in 1993, when their bands (Rodan & Ruby Falls, respectively) were beginning to tour & play in each other’s cities. They became friends and secret lovers in 1994 on Valentine’s Day in Louisville. Recording in New York & D.C. followed, and the Salt Lick EP was completed. Retsin’s second record was made in 1995 in a basement in Louisville and was dubbed Egg Fusion. In 1995 Tara Jane also recorded with her new project, The Sonora Pine, and Cynthia worked on the first full-length Ruby Falls release. Sweet Luck of Amaryllis was recorded in Louisville during the hard winter of 1997. The acoustic songs on the album, juxtaposed with full-band anthems, reflect the recent years of musical courage and maturity. The lyrical expression of Retsin’s blissful four-year existence has brought all kinds of estranged lovers back together.