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Musicforafilm was originally recorded as a soundtrack to an independent motion picture suspense/thriller called Kill Me Tomorrow. With a subtle ambiance and chilling atmosphere, musicforafilm combines live rock instrumentation with dark electronic rhythms to create an equally suspenseful and sentimental suite of songs. Recorded in Hawkins' home studio, the overall sound of the album floats close to the warm organic tones of a chamber ensemble, allowing each instrument's voice to be heard with authority. The thin wash of acoustic guitars, strings and bells occasionally gives way to the rich bass drones and subtle layers of percussion. Sybarite's precise mix of live drums and electronic beats create truly unique rhythms and tempos, allowing ample room for the melodies to roam freely.

1. Ashs
2. Afterlife
3. Serial
4. Soliq
5. Ever Circling Skeletal Family
6. Rocks in Your Head
7. Mochi Swt
8. Serena
9. Demiser
10. S_watch
11. Suspiral
12. The Dome Is All Lenses
13. nearend
14. evrgrn

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