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Placement Issues


Culled from a variety of sources, all of the tracks here are now out of print and impossible to find elsewhere. Connecting the pieces like a giant jigsaw puzzle, Sybarite draws from folk, rock, jazz and dance influences to generate downtempo, feel-good hits that will rock both dance floor and bedroom. The remarkable attention to detail keeps it wound together with brilliant organic precision. Often compared to other Rocktronic™ heavyweights Boards of Canada, Mouse On Mars, and Fridge, Sybarite has amassed a following that includes critics, fans and musicians alike.

1. Engaged
2. Second Cities
3. Without Nothing I'm You
4. Otonomy
5. Without Engagement (E*Rock Remix)
6. Lapsong
7. Unforced Force of the Truth
8. Accumulus
9. Square One
10. The Sweep
11. Invisible Magnetic Missive
12. Meusic
13. Identity #2

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