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The Drift

Ceiling Sky


Ceiling Sky collects these previously rare, vinyl-only tracks onto CD for the first time. This includes the limited edition 12" singles "Streets/Nozomi" and (rmxs) - featuring remixes by Four Tet and Sybarite – as well as the two bonus tracks from the 2xLP vinyl edition of the Noumena album. In total this is an hour's worth of enchanting, haunting music that only a handful of people have had the pleasure to hear until now. That should be just enough to get us through the wait for the next proper full-length from The Drift, due in spring 2008.

1. Streets
2. Nozomi
3. Noumena
4. For Grace and Stars
5. Gardening, Not Architecture (Four Tet Remix)
6. Invisible Cities (Sybarite Remix)

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