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The Drift

Memory Drawings


In the nearly three-year gap between their debut album, Noumena, and this follow-up, The Drift have toured extensively throughout North America and Japan. All that tripping did wonders for their songwriting process, inspiring an efficiency with their structures while maintaining the intoxicating song lengths they are known for. Though the music on Memory Drawings is familiar, there is a depth to both the performance and production that feels new all over again. Recorded directly to analog tape with longtime producer Jay Pellicci at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, the mix is used as another instrument to help shape each song, channeling the mythos of late 60s jazz and late 70s dub classics. As The Drift have narrowed their focus, they have expanded their influences. Nowhere is this more obvious than "Uncanny Valley," (which became the theme song to The Moth Radio Hour) with its shades of Afro-beat and disco-soul; or the dramatic, deserted ballad "Lands End." With Memory Drawings, they have truly found their groove – and the deeper they dig, the more curious we become.

1. If Wishes Were Like Horses
2. Uncanny Valley
3. I Had a List and I Lost It
4. Years Gone By (Vinyl-only bonus track)
5. Golden Sands
6. Smoke Falls
7. Lands End
8. Floating Truth

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