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The Loved

Everything, Anything, Nothing


Formed in 1996 and disbanded less than two years later, The Loved were an accidentally mysterious pop trio from the unlikely locale of Louisville, KY. In truth, they were just three ordinary guys making Beatles-inspired pop with a few nods to some 70s and 80s guitar gods. Their shows became notorious in Louisville; loud, sweaty affairs where the crowd knew all the words to songs that weren't yet recorded, much less released (a remarkable feat in the age before downloading or record leaks). Available here for the first time, Everything, Anything, Nothing collects the entire recorded history of The Loved, culled from the only two recording sessions committed during their brief existence. Recorded on 8-track analog tape by Kevin Coultas (Rodan), and remastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Yes, Sufjan Stevens), this is the way The Loved were always meant to be heard, and truly the way they should be remembered: three ordinary guys who just happened to make ten great songs.

1. Everything, Anything, Nothing
2. House Painter
3. Nadine
4. Lydia/Spinning
5. You Must Have Been Out of Your Mind
6. It's Sooo Sad
7. Child's Love
8. Winter Comes and Goes
9. Untitled
10. Her Tiny Little Heart

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