Melancholia (Deluxe Remastered Reissue) - Temporary Residence Ltd

William Basinski

Melancholia (Deluxe Remastered Reissue)


Originally released a year after the increasingly iconic The Disintegration Loops, a decade later Melancholia still stands as William Basinski's second most beloved album. To commemorate its 10-year anniversary, we are honored to present the first-ever vinyl edition of this otherworldly piece of music. Remastered from the original recordings and pressed onto audiophile-quality 100% pure virgin vinyl, this limited-edition vinyl reissue is packaged in a stunning gatefold jacket featuring all-new artwork. It is truly a sight and sound to behold. Like many of Basinski's most soul-stirring works, Melancholia began as a series of short tape loops captured in the early 1980s. Basinski then stored them away for decades, revisiting them at a different time in his life, at which point they took on a stunning new sound all their own – one that many consider to be among the finest of the past decade.


1. Melancholia I
2. Melancholia II
3. Melancholia III
4. Melancholia IV
5. Melancholia V
6. Melancholia VI
7. Melancholia VII
8. Melancholia VIII
9. Melancholia IX
10. Melancholia X
11. Melancholia XI
12. Melancholia XII
13. Melancholia XIII
14. Melancholia XIV

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