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Nero (The Dune Concept Album)


As the title suggests, this album was inspired by David Lynch's infamous sci-fi box-office disasterpiece, Dune. It was recorded at WGNS in Washington, DC by Charles Bennington in 1997. It is the only studio album by Louisville post-punk/math-rock misfits, Nero.

"It's absolutely maniacal – which is the best way to describe Nero. With guitars, bass, drums and vocals all armed with razors and needles, and a really scary stab at an oddball "concept album," Nero has designed an inspired piece of unforgettable mayhem." –, 1999

1. Shai Hulud
2. St. Alia Of The Knife
3. Ring Of Atreides
4. Chani
5. Feyd Rautha
6. Imperial Conditioning
7. Melange
8. Kwizzach Haderach

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