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All Things Regarding


Kilowatthours are a four-piece from Louisville, KY, which includes a founding member of Kentucky emo icons, Elliott and Falling Forward. The line-up in and of itself lends to the anthemic "story on a stage" aesthetic. Two guitars weave melodies into sturdy, driving rhythms. An occasional vocal melody will creep in and vanish before you even realize someone was singing. So what makes this so different than the flood of "emotionally driven hardcore" bands out there cashing in on the same exhausted ideas? A PIANO! Not "a little here, a little there", we're talking full-on piano-based rock songs. It may take a couple listens to get used to the idea, but once you're hooked, you can't pry yourself away. Having a prominent piano in a band is by no means revolutionary, but it definitely helps Kilowatthours break free of the cookie-cutter indie/emo mold that has been so heavily worn, and adds a new shape and color to a familiar palette.

1. Conference Call
2. 9 Days Every Morning
3. All Things Regarding
4. John Cope
5. Distraction In Green
6. Petunia Wise

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