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Rumah Sakit

Rumah Sakit


Hailing from San Francisco, CA (and featuring members of Tarentel and Sweep The Leg Johnny), Rumah Sakit (pronounced like Room-Uh-Sock-Eeet!) create a head-swirling exercise in progressive rock intuition. A six-track blend of prog, classic jazz, and contemporary pop that floats in and out of everything from 'Bitches Brew'-era Miles Davis to King Crimson. No fucking overdubs, no cheap studio tricks, and no mistakes. Uncompromising and totally beautiful. Proof that inspired aggression and maudlin melodies can happily co-exist.

1. I Can't See When I Close My Eyes!
2. Scott & Jeremiah
3. Careful With That Fax Machine
4. Wind & Wing
5. Bring On The Cobras
6. Stomachache Due To The Sincere Belief That The Rest Of My Band Is Trying To Kill Me

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