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We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight


Recorded last summer with Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio Studios, Sonna picks up where their critically adored but all-too-rare The Eventual Bow EP left off. Pretty songs come a dime a dozen, and simple beauty is not what makes Sonna so special. There is a complexity to their music, executed so seamlessly that it often goes unnoticed. It's that complexity that makes every song so memorable. Subtle changes in time signature and tempo creep in without jarring the listener. More often than not the guitars are playing in different time signatures simultaneously, yet never become the tangled mess one would expect. With the occasional hushed verse of vocals poking through in spots, the pieces are elevated to near pop song status, breathing angelic life into fragile, somnambulant compositions.

1. The Opener
2. Low And To The Side
3. We Sing Loud
4. Sing Soft Tonight
5. Sleep On It
6. Real Quiet

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