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In the year 2000 – shortly after releasing what would become his most iconic album, I See A DarknessWill Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy was commissioned by Temporary Residence Ltd. to record an EP for their Travels In Constants mail order series. Oldham chose a collection of songs from different parts of the USA and abroad, and performed them live on tour with the full More Revery band in tow. At the end of the tour, they recorded the entire album live at his brother Paul’s Rove Studio – all in one take, straight through, in the exact sequence that appears on the record. The track listing is, as expected, inspired and eclectic: John Phillips (West Coast USA), PJ Harvey (UK), Bill Withers (rural Southern USA), The Renderers (New Zealand), John Holt (Jamaica), and Tim McGraw (Nashville, USA). Bonny Billy’s spirited interpretations range from slow-burning uneasiness to uncharacteristic jubilance. Originally released exclusively on limited edition CD in the pre-MP3 era, More Revery was gone before iTunes existed, and has not been available in any format since. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Temporary Residence Ltd., we are honored to reissue this essential piece of the Will Oldham canon – now expanded to include an alternate version of the entire album!


1. Someone's Sleeping
2. Sweeter Than Anything
3. Same Love Than Made Me Laugh
4. A Dream of the Sea
5. Strange Things
6. Just To See You Smile
7. Someone's Sleeping (Live)
8. Sweeter Than Anything (Live)
9. Same Love That Made Me Laugh (Live)
10. A Dream of the Sea (Live)
11. Strange Things (Live)
12. Just To See You Smile (Live)

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