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Halifax Pier

Put Your Gloves On And Wave


In early 2000, Halifax Pier struck a strong chord and broke a thousand hearts in the process with their eponymous debut album. Now they're back to beat up on us some more. Still ever-present are the intricate acoustic guitars and driving string section, with the addition of Greg Burns on bass to add that extra swing in their step. Vocalists Nathan Salsburg and Charles Sommer continue to project their touching stories of loss and love, with an occasional sprinkling of optimism. Added to the mix this time around are backing vocal harmonies, several sets of snapping fingers and even some electric guitar thrown in here and there for haunting effect.

1. That Old Grizzly Thing
2. Passing
3. The Wait
4. Sew Your Gloves On
5. Lightly Noise
6. Our Pape

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