Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute To Black Sabbath - Temporary Residence Ltd

Various Artists

Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute To Black Sabbath


Back in 1997, we at Temporary Residence Ltd. had a novel idea: compile a Black Sabbath tribute album with experimental rock, folk, and electronic artists reinterpreting classic Ozzy-era Sabbath tunes. At the time it seemed like a unique idea, since such tributes were then executed primarily by washed-up glam bands or tired hardcore groups cheekily cashing in on nostalgic quasi-irony. Much has changed over the last eight years, of course. Black Sabbath did the unthinkable by reuniting, and has since done so many more times. Ozzy Osbourne became a household name with his startlingly popular MTV-produced reality show; to top it off, his children have become omnipresent pop culture irritants; in short, much of the world is ready for a break from the Osbourne clan. It is under these auspices, fittingly, that we proudly present the long-delayed Everything Comes & Goes, a tribute to the ultimate stoner-rock band.

2. RUINS: Reversible Sabbath
3. GRAILS: Black Sabbath
4. FOUR TET: Iron Man
6. PAUL NEWMAN: Fairies Wear Boots
7. THE ANOMOANON: Planet Caravan
8. RACEBANNON: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
9. GREENNESS w/ PHILLY G: Sweet Leaf

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