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Howard Hello

Howard Hello


Equally inspired by John Fahey, Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Fennesz, and Joni Mitchell, Howard Hello is a cool breeze of airy synthesizers, intricately plucked acoustic guitars and angelic vocals. With haunting drones and the occasional cyclical rasp of Marty Anderson's voice, the album is dangerously seductive. Using familiarity and recurring melodic themes as a springboard, the guitars and vocals get twisted, chopped and turned inside out to create turbulent walls of sound. And just like Kenseth Thibideau's previous endeavors (Tarentel, Rumah Sakit), you can't help but get sucked in and just trust that you'll be pulled out safe and sound.

1. Television
2. Belief
3. Revolution
4. America
5. Prozac
6. Dream
7. Hello

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