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Songs For an Unborn Sun


Formerly an integral part of Tarentel and The Drift, Trevor Montgomery is now Lazarus, the voice that sings with projected whispers while a lonely acoustic guitar trails slowly behind. Recorded in Montgomery's bedroom, and mixed with Marty Anderson (Howard Hello, Dilute), Songs For an Unborn Sun is the shimmering, striking confessions of a man tired from telling stories. They are filled with a lost hope that's trapped inside of a puzzle that patiently unfolds over the course of the album's 50 minutes. The challenge lies in staying alert as the songs tempt you to give up the fight and drift into your longest sleep yet. But keep your eyelids open, and your heart will follow. It will fill with love, and thus you are our hero.

1. Poets The Liars
2. Ocean (Burn The Highways)
3. Boredom Revolt
4. Name
5. Hero
6. Tears
7. The Song Becomes Blood
8. Wind
9. (untitled)
10. Obviust
11. Born a Friendship
12. Time

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