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Nice Nice



To truly understand the color and shape of Nice Nice, you must really see them live. Only then will you realize that every sound heard on this record, every intricate ployrhythmic layer is performed live. There are no overdubs, no samples, and only two people in the band. Born in Olympia, WA and now calling Portland, OR their home, guitarist Jason Buehler and percussionist Mark Shirazi meticulously warp hard funk, psych, soul, dub, post-punk, and no-wave into a mechanical beast that can take you from dream to dance to death in the span of 60 seconds or less. The instrumentation is astonishingly simple – guitar and drums – but it's the endless tap-dancing on effects pedals and rock-solid rhythms that make every moment so mesmerizing.

1. Look, You're On TV
2. Cold Sweat Part XVI
3. Chez Clix
4. See-Thru Plastic
5. Chrome Cabal
6. Joinus
7. Bees Make Honey
8. Nein
9. Thank You
10. Pulp
11. On Neon
12. Fight The Face
13. They React!
14. Disclaimers 1-5
15. Tiny Steps
16. We Go Towards

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