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The EPic


Before being introduced to (and subsequently obsessed with) Nightfist, there are a few things that you should know: They are not ironic. They are rabid fans of Yes, Queen, Dream Theater, The Grateful Dead, and Metallica. They do not play "indie rock," "ironic metal," "post-rock" or any of the other bullshit sub-sub-genres that have watered down underground music. They are not yet of legal drinking age. This is for real. Already being hailed in some circles as "the greatest instrumental metal band in America," Nightfist was born in Menlo Park, CA by five young men with mutual obsessions for triumphant melodies, complex rhythms and chugging dual guitar riffage hellbent on traveling at lightspeed back to a time when people lived and died by the sword. Recorded by a friend for $600, the production sounds more at home next to any big budget metal record from the mid-80s than Nirvana's Bleach (which was infamously recorded for the same price). Standing strong and hard against any and all bands they are influenced by, Nightfist have pushed the whole game back. Forget looking towards the future; tonight, we go back in time.

1. The Prologue
2. Chapter 1: The Hero's Overture
3. Chapter 2: Acidrainfuckhell
4. Chapter 3: Herman Spectre Legacy
5. Chapter 4: Arabian Gunparty
6. The Epilogue

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