Joji - Temporary Residence Ltd

The Anomoanon



Hailing from the same rural Kentucky town that birthed fellow longhairs My Morning Jacket, The Anomoanon's music sythesizes backwoods folk and arena-ready anthems. Combining Ned Oldham's familiar croon with the rollicking acoustic textures of The Grateful Dead and inspirational dirge of Crazy Horse, Joji is a sound that seems so natural, one wonders if this record wasn't just waiting around for these guys to discover it. Saying that this is the band's most accomplished recording is a massive understatement. In a sea of glorified bar bands posing as hipster revivalists, Joji finds The Anomoanon dropping from the sky and landing on both feet with a rhythmic stomp that rattles every bone in your body.

1. Down And Brown
2. Leap Alone
3. Mr. Train
4. Green Sea
5. After Than Before
6. Wedding Song
7. Nowhere
8. Bird Child

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