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By the End of Tonight

Fireworks On Ice


Proudly standing as the only band we have ever signed from and unsolicited demo, By the End of Tonight are a young 4-piece from a tiny town just south of Houston called Alvin, TX. The technical gymnastics are there in spades, so much so that it's not even worth talking about. It's like telling a crowded room that you're naked. Not so obvious right away, however, is the passion with which this EP unfurls. Beginning like a twisted prog-rock Georgia stomp, the four songs here are equal parts hardcore, speed metal, jazz breaks, epic avant-rock and sentimental 80s soundtracks. It's a refreshing change of pace for a scene that is so saturated with one-trick ponies. Plus, it's loads of fun trying to guess which 80s songs from which some of these riffs were lifted.

1. Delirious, Where Have You Been?
2. Sleeping While Driving Prevents Old Age
3. Video Games Buried in the Desert
4. It's Christmas Time Again...

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