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By the End of Tonight

A Tribute To Tigers


By the End of Tonight released their debut EP, Fireworks On Ice, in 2004 to resounding acclaim for its unhinged, caffeinated histrionics. It also met admittedly deserved criticism for its drum-heavy no-fi production. With the arrival of their debut full-length, A Tribute To Tigers, the band refines its strengths and strengthens its weaknesses to create a transcendent melting pot of rock and metal. Produced in an actual recording studio (albeit for only $300), the four boys of By the End of Tonight almost stand still for a couple moments during the album. The scorching metal riffs of Fireworks On Ice are distilled through hyperemotional crescendos and vivid, playful melodies. The drums are more subdued, the controlled chaos propels the dynamics of each song to new heights.

1. 4's, 5's, and the Piano That Never Made It Home
2. Stop, Drop and Roll Does Not Work in Hell
3. Setting Sail in April
4. Tigers
5. 7:30 Easter Morning

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