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The Drift



Anticipation for the debut album by San Francisco's The Drift has grown much faster than anyone could have predicted, following the instantly beloved "Streets / Nozomi" 12". With their debut full-length, Noumena, the band leaves no stone unturned. Taking their name to heart, The Drift do just that – from ambient noise and elegant guitar rock to mournful jazz ballads and stunted, down-tempo hip-hop – all with the subtle grace that is to be expected from veterans of the sound. As The Drift, Danny Grody (Tarentel), Safa Shokrai, Jeff Jacobs, and Rich Douthit (Halifax Pier) comfortably expand on the cinematic bliss that Tarentel willfully abandoned long ago for more chaotic landscapes. Existing somewhere between Miles Davis's In a Silent Way and Tarentel's From Bone To Satellite, The Drift compose predestined soundtracks for everyday life – not only perfect for a night on the beach, but just as suitable for the long drive getting there. Their music is inescapably passionate, executed with just enough wide-eyed improvisation to sound eternally fresh.

1. Gardening, Not Architecture
2. Invisible Cities
3. Hearts Are Flowers
4. Transatlantic
5. Noumena (Vinyl-only bonus track)
6. Inconsistency Principle
7. For Grace and Stars (Vinyl-only bonus track)
8. Fractured Then Gathered (Reprise)

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