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Nice Nice



The third in this seasonal series of albums by Nice Nice veers off-course completely from the first two albums, and we're all the better for it. This gem of an album is by far the most accessible Nice Nice recording ever released, and appropriately reminds us of the best things about the bustling holiday season. Beyond the stress, the anxiety, the material worship (and the religious worship), there is an inherent, innocent beauty to the fall season that is virtually indescribable, and we'll be damned if this wasn't the perfect soundtrack for it. Released in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies and thought to be sold out for the past 12 years, we recently discovered a handful during an office move and are selling them again for a limited time.

1. Dawn of Dusk
2. Down, Down, Down Pt. 1
3. Dusk of Dawn
4. Down, Down, Down Pt. 2

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