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The Ladies

They Mean Us


Now that we all know who The Ladies are, let's get to the point: They Mean Us is one of the strongest and most unique pop records of the last several years. Produced in various locations from 2004-2006, it is a genuine testament to the magnetic chemistry of Zach Hill and Rob Crow, and a shining example of what these two guys are capable of when they are at their most inspired. More adventurous than Pinback, more immediately accessible than Hella, and just plain different than Death Grips, The Ladies prove to be the best of both worlds. It's even better than the ideal album you've been making up in your head for the last half decade or so.

1. Black Caesar / Red Sonja
2. Recycler 1a
3. Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation
4. Empathy on a Stick
5. Recycler 1b
6. Non-threatening
7. Black Metal in the Hour of Starbucks
8. Nice Chaps, Buddy
9. So Much For the Fourth Wall
10. Recycler 2
11. And Them
12. Mandatory Psycho-Freakout

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