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Cut Out Shape


After the release of his 4AD debut, Nonument, Xian Hawkins (aka Sybarite) found himself scoring an array of film and television projects. Temporarily diverting from a proper follow-up album, Hawkins instead spent time on remixes and collaborations with friends, contributing only a handful of new songs to various compilations and singles over the last four years. As it turns out, the long delay was good for him, as the Sybarite of today sounds remarkably fresh, with a wider range of tempos and more varied instrumentation than most artists of any genre. Hawkins has grown as both a composer and producer, and Cut Out Shape benefits greatly from the trees-before-the-forest work ethic that has been a Sybarite staple. The attention to detail is startling, the product of spending four years on a set of songs with no predetermined destination.

1. Cut Out Shape
2. Runaway (feat. Psapp)
3. Sun With Teeth
4. Sanctuary
5. Halfmoon Rockstruck
6. Memory End
7. Grey Sky Bright
8. Dot the Lines
9. Kill the Moonshine
10. The Mast

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