TRR100: Thankful - Temporary Residence Ltd

Various Artists

TRR100: Thankful


A companion piece to 2004's TRR50: Thank You compilation, TRR100: Thankful collects one new, previously unreleased song from nearly every band we've signed since TRR50. As such, the music is decidedly more diverse than TRR50, as the eclecticism of the label is increasingly explored. From the transcendent textures of Eluvium to the ethereal dream-pop of Caroline; the dark prog-pop of The Ladies to the backyard barbecue jams of The Anomoanon; the jarring rhythms of Sleeping People and By The End of Tonight to the sublime minimalism of MONO and more; every corner is explored, and no two releases better express that than TRR50: Thank You and TRR100: Thankful.

1. ELUVIUM: Carousel
2. CAROLINE: Wonderlust
3. LAZARUS: Thank Thee
4. CEX & NICE NICE: Jacksonville
5. THE LADIES: Trapped in the Hobbit
6. SLEEPING PEOPLE: Growing Sand
7. BY THE END OF TONIGHT: Ready? Aim. Fire!
8. THE DRIFT: Secret Waters
9. MONO: Since I've Been Waiting For You
10. THE ANOMOANON: Let¹s Rove

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