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By the End of Tonight

My Mom Caught Me In My Room Beat Boxin'


Part two in the 4-part series is brought to us by James Templeton, bassist for By the End of Tonight. But instead of wanky bass solos, we get treated to some of the funkiest, most bootylicious electronic fuckery this side of the big pond. Recalling early Aphex Twin and even shades of Kid606 and Cex, Templeton only disappoints with the fact that there is no actual beat boxing on this record. Regardless, it's a banger. These are strictly limited to 500 copies, and when all four are collected together, they form a giant art puzzle like Voltron.

PLEASE NOTE: These are 3-inch Mini CDs, which means they will only play in CD players that have a tray. If you try to slip this into your car stereo or slot-loading computers, you'll be really upset. Nobody wants to see that.

1. Thou Art That
2. What Must and Shall Be
3. JQ10

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