The Imaginary EP - Temporary Residence Ltd

By the End of Tonight

The Imaginary EP


The fourth and final disc in the series comes from Josh Smith, who has ironically recently left the group to pursue other endeavors. Fittingly different from the other releases in this highly eclectic series, Smith builds dozens of rhythmic and melodic layers into a gorgeous string of instrumental suites. Inspired by Steve Reich, Brian Eno, and of course the other members of By the End of Tonight, we couldn't have hoped for a better way to end this incredible series. These are strictly limited to 500 copies, and when all four are collected together, they form a giant art puzzle like Voltron.

PLEASE NOTE: These are 3-inch Mini CDs, which means they will only play in CD players that have a tray. If you try to slip this into your car stereo or slot-loading computers, you'll be really upset. Nobody wants to see that.

1. Let Me Introduce Myself
2. When It Rains I Think of You
3. A Buffalo In Yellowstone
4. The Birthday Jam
5. Waiting For An Island
6. If That Diamond Ring Don't Sing...

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