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Rob Crow

Living Well


Somewhere between the breakneck touring to support Pinback's breakthrough Touch and Go debut, Summer in Abaddon, and the release of The Ladies' debut album (his collaboration with Zach Hill of Death Grips/Hella), the impossibly prolific Rob Crow had an epiphany: SLOW DOWN. Not coincidentally, this revelation occurred shortly after the birth of his first child. Crow's time at home was suddenly more important than ever. His family is all over Living Well, his third solo album: in the album title, the artwork (layered with dozens of family photos), and the intensely personal lyrics which document Crow's courtship with his wife, their marriage, and the subsequent birth of their first child. Not only is Living Well Crow's finest solo album by a country mile, it also transcends many of Pinback's most canonic moments. It has the hooks and heart that he is famous for, with a refined focus not seen in Crow's other projects.


1. Bam Bam
2. I Hate You, Rob Crow (Album Version)
3. Taste
4. Over Your Heart
5. Up
6. Chucked
7. Burns
8. Liefeld
9. Leveling
10. Ring
11. Focus
12. If Wade Would Call
13. No Sun
14. I Hate You, Rob Crow (Single Version)

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