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Rob Crow

I Hate You, Rob Crow


Following the success of his recently released solo alum – and his first-ever US solo tour – Pinback frontman Rob Crow keeps the ride moving with the first single from Living Well, affectionately titled "I Hate You, Rob Crow." In addition to the album cut, the disc also includes two non-album tracks – the moody synth-driven instrumental "Sea Sawn," and the Heavy Vegetable-esque "Slick" – as well as the now-infamous video for "I Hate You, Rob Crow," featuring, among other highlights, Crow singing through a mic attached to a man's intestines.

TRACK LISTING 1. I Hate You, Rob Crow (Single Version)
2. Sea Sawn
3. Slick
4. I Hate You, Rob Crow (Video)

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