Growing - Temporary Residence Ltd

Sleeping People



Growing advances Sleeping People as a band in every way. It's faster, more aggressive, more thoughtful and more dynamic than their debut. Engineered by Ben Moore (Hot Snakes, The Black Heart Procession), the songs are pushed to extremes, sparking an addictive adrenaline high that is ultimately eased by Rob Crow's surprise appearance at the conclusion of the album, his saccharine vocals providing a perfect, blissful freefall. Growing is Sleeping People at their most inspired. It is a document of a sometimes frantic, always fearless band who sounds best when they're only pretending to be in control. Like the band itself, Growing embraces change with an improvisational flair that is both confounding and consuming.

1. Centipede's Dream
2. James Spader
3. Yellow Guy / Pink Eye
4. Mouth Breeder
5. ...Out Dream
6. Three Things
7. Grow Worm
8. Underland
9. It's Heart Loves Open
10. People Staying Awake

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